my travel bucket list

It’s hard to say exactly when my travel bug took hold, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve jumped at opportunities to travel.  From out-of-town dance competitions in elementary school to international band trips in high school, I’ve always been eager to join.  It’s true that I wasn’t always able to join in on these exciting opportunities, but that only fueled my desire to travel.

Once I completed university, got a steady job and obtained my professional designation (set of intensive exams completed during/after university), I got serious about putting my paid vacation time to good use.  I may have spent a few vacations chilling on the beach in Cuba, but the majority of my vacations have led me far from home and searching for adventure.

Although I’ve been fortunate enough to check a few items off my bucket list already – and some that I never even knew should have been on it – there is so much more that I have yet to experience and this list will just keep getting longer.  Here is my bucket list as of September 2014 – wish me luck!

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list

1. party all night at the Full Moon Party in Thailand

2. spend a few weeks learning the art of meditation and yoga in India

3. sleep in a tent in a desert camp under the stars

4. marvel at the pyramids in Egypt

5. bask in the magnificence of the Taj Mahal

6. spot penguins in their natural habitat

7. swim with the giants of the seas: whale sharks

8. ramble around New Zealand viewing the beautiful landscape

9. go on a pilgrimage to Burning Man

10. hike the Everest base camp trek

11. party the night away at Pacha in Brazil

12. overindulge on the gastronomical delights of Italy

13. ride the rails of the Trans-Siberian railway

14. get up close and personal with wild animals on a safari in the south of Africa

15. savour the delights of sushi in Japan

16. salsa the night away in South America

17. go whale watching in Newfoundland

18. lounge on the gorgeous beaches of Zanzibar

19. delight in the seafood of Vietnam

20. amaze at the variety of species in the Galapagos islands

21. island hop in sunny Greece

22. play mas at Trinidadian carnival

23. bask in the ambiance of Antigua, Guatemala

24. sail on a yacht on an ocean journey

25. float in the Dead Sea

What’s on your bucket list? Any suggestions on what else to add?

3 thoughts on “my travel bucket list

  1. For #3 sleep in a tent in a desert camp under the stars, if you can camp out without the tent under the stars it is even more specular! I did that in the Sahara desert when I went to Morocco, it was pretty magical 🙂


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