Vietnam: the tailored suit experience in Hoi An

“So, this fabric is blue white and this one is off white?” I asked for the third time over the din of customers discussing look books.
My consultant was not amused, “I take you to workshop to see fabrics. You want?”
I shrugged my shoulders, surprised at this unexpected development, “Um, ok?”
“Stand up! Follow me, quickly!”

I can’t have been the only customer in the busy tailor shop to have trouble picking a fabric for my shirt, but I was the only one being hustled outside and down the block to examine the bolts of cotton in person. Despite my consultant’s apparent annoyance with my indecisiveness, she did a great job explaining the difference in possible suit detailing and made sure I understood what I was ordering.

I had a basic idea of what I wanted before I entered Kimmy’s tailor shop in Hoi An. Hugo Boss makes a great classic and I brought a few ideas and pictures with me. Turns out Kimmy’s had that covered. They had iPads full of pictures on hand for browsing various classic and not-so-classic looks. Being able to select a bright blue jacket lining and matching button hole stitching on the sleeves really upped my fun value of having a custom suit made.


Feeling great in my brand new suit

They did a great job working with my measurements, because everything fit really well off the bat. I only had a few requests for changes due to personal preference and they were all made with no complaints even when it required redoing the sleeves on both my jacket and my shirt.

I selected their recommended middle range fabric (a blend of wool, cashmere and silk) and it feels great on. I tested it for movement by squatting, sitting and reaching up.  Seems like it will wear well but time will tell.


Details of my custom suit made in Hoi An

I really enjoyed the whole experience and I feel like a million bucks in my new suit. Can’t wait to wear it. So next time you feel like suiting-up don’t forget to give me a call!

[Side note: the dialogue above is paraphrased and my consultant spoke English very well.]